10 of the Best Kid’s Travel Activities for School-Aged Children

kid travel activities

Here are 10 of the best kid’s travel activities for school-aged children that I swear by. I’ve got some tried-and-true tricks up my sleeve that have saved me from countless “Are we there yet?” moments. Trust me, these gems will make your travels smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. So, buckle up and get ready to turn those tedious journeys into fun-filled adventures!

As a mother of six with children of varying ages and interests, keeping them engaged during long journeys is a priority for safety and sanity. Each child has their unique passions, requiring careful planning to ensure everyone stays occupied and content. From nature exploration kits to audiobooks and sketchbooks, I’ve learned to cater to their individual needs to maintain harmony in the car. By embracing their differences and fostering shared experiences, our family adventures become opportunities for growth and lasting memories.

Car Bingo

Alright, parents, listen up! I’ve got a game recommendation that’s an absolute game-changer for those long car rides with your little adventurers aged 3 to 8. It’s a must-have to keep them entertained and engaged throughout the journey. Picture this: a pack of four double-sided dry-erase cards filled with exciting things to spot along the way. From cows to red trucks and everything in between, your kiddos will have a blast marking off their sightings. And here’s the best part: the first one to shout “Bingo!” gets to pick a prize of their choice, all under $10. It’s a win-win for everyone, making those road trips a whole lot more fun and enjoyable!

Blissful Diary Kids Travel Tray

With this versatile tray, your kids can do it all—eat, draw, write, and even watch their favorite shows on tablets. Equipped with four sheets of paper and four erasable markers, it’s the ultimate travel companion to keep your little ones entertained and creative on the go. Plus, its multiple pockets ensure that all their essentials stay neatly organized throughout the journey. Trust me, my little one stayed happily occupied and busy during our long trips to visit Grandma, thanks to this fantastic tray!

Would You Rather Book for Kids

Get ready for some family fun with this interactive book that guarantees laughs for everyone! Packed with engaging questions, it’s the perfect way to bond and share some quality time with your kiddos. With over 300 questions designed to entertain and stimulate minds, it’s suitable for ages 7 to 13. But let’s be honest, the best part is the priceless moments spent together as a family. So grab a copy and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime!

License Plate Game

I wish I had this game when I was a kid! It’s sturdy, and designed for ages 8 and up, but trust me, the whole family can get in on the fun. Not only does it help us all brush up on our geography and state capitals, but it also provides a much-needed break from screen time. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for the kids to remember all the states we’ve traveled through on our adventures. It’s educational and entertaining—a win-win for everyone!

LCD Writing Tablet

Check out this nifty 10-inch doodle board—it comes in two colors and won’t break the bank! With stickers included and an extendable pen attached, it’s a lifesaver for keeping the kiddos entertained and creative. And the best part? When they’re done with their doodles, just hit the easy erase button to start fresh. No mess, no fuss—just endless fun for your little artists!

Extras While Traveling

kid's travel activities

My kiddos are always pestering me for snacks and drinks, so I’ve learned to stay one step ahead by stocking up on everything we need for the car ride. Not only does it save us money, but it also keeps them satisfied and happy. And let me tell you, my deep cooler is an absolute must-have for keeping everything cool and fresh, especially during those long journeys. Plus, I make sure each of them has their own set of headphones so they can enjoy their music or audiobooks without bothering anyone else in the car. It’s a game-changer for maintaining peace and harmony on the road!

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Alrighty, fellow road trip enthusiasts, there you have it – a jam-packed list of kid’s car activities guaranteed to make your next journey a blast! But hey, the fun doesn’t stop here. If you’ve got any other awesome ideas hiding up your sleeve, don’t keep ’em to yourself! Drop ’em in the comments below so we can all level up our road trip game together. Let’s turn those mundane drives into unforgettable adventures!

kid's travel activities

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