The Best One-Pot Creamy Garlic Parmesan Pasta

one-pot pasta

Are you on the hunt for a super simple one-pot pasta recipe that’s perfect for those busy weeknights with the family? Look no further! This dish is not only quick and easy to whip up but also guaranteed to be a hit with everyone after a long day of school and work. Let’s make dinner time a breeze and treat ourselves to some deliciousness!

Ah, in our household, we’re a bunch of pasta enthusiasts, and my daughters inherit that trait from me! My 7-year-old adores her pasta paired with chicken, whereas my little toddler opts for hers without chicken. But fret not, it’s a breeze for me to swing by the nearby store and pick up some rotisserie chicken to accommodate her preferences. This way, everyone gets to relish their preferred dish, and mealtime becomes a delightful affair for all of us. It’s these simple gestures that infuse our mealtimes with such joy in our family.

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Table of Contents


  • 1 pound (about 450g) of your favorite pasta (such as spaghetti, fettuccine, or penne)
  • 4 cups (960ml) of chicken or vegetable broth
  • 4 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons of butter
  • 1 cup (240ml) of heavy cream
  • 1 cup (about 100g) of grated Parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Chopped fresh parsley for garnish (optional)
  • Protein (optional)

Utensils and Pots:

  • Large pot with lid (this pot has a strainer lid)
  • Wooden spoon or spatula
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Cutting board and knife (for mincing garlic)
  • Grater (for grating Parmesan cheese)
  • Bowl (optional, for serving)


  1. In a large pot, combine the pasta, minced garlic, chicken or vegetable broth, and butter.
  2. Place the pot on the stove over medium-high heat and bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium-low and let the pasta simmer, stirring occasionally, until it is cooked to your desired tenderness. This typically takes about 10-12 minutes, but check the package instructions for specific cooking times.
  4. Once the pasta is cooked, reduce the heat to low and stir in the heavy cream and grated Parmesan cheese. Continue stirring until the cheese is melted and the sauce is creamy.
  5. Taste the sauce and season with salt and pepper as needed.
  6. If the sauce is too thick, you can add a little bit of water to thin it out.
  7. Once the sauce is ready, remove the pot from the heat.
  8. Serve the creamy garlic Parmesan pasta hot, garnished with chopped fresh parsley if desired.

This one-pot creamy garlic Parmesan pasta is a delicious and convenient dish that requires minimal cleanup. Enjoy!

one-pot pasta

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